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Cory Scott - Foxhole Armament Pro Advisor


I grew up in Bellevue, Nebraska from the age of 2 until I left for college. Nobody in my family hunted and after realizing my strong desire around the age of 10, I began to self-teach. My parents supported it and helped point me in the right direction with friends that would take me out until I go could by myself. Once I got to college my life was college baseball and hunting. I hunted everything that moved and learned over and over again from my mistakes and failed hunts. As I made more money and could invest in more quality equipment, I was able to be more successful on the stand and it only grew my passion. At 23, I joined the Air Force to become a SERE Specialist (survival instructor) and this enhanced my knowledge of a vast variety of climates which only fed my hunger to hunt all types of animals. Currently my big chase is any big game with a bow, and also coyotes. I believe in my heart that there is a difference between a hobby and a passion. A hobby is something we do with our free time. A passion is something that pulls at our heart and makes us create time for because it never leaves our mind. Hunting is my passion.

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