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Iowa Gunsmithing, Fabrication, and Custom Builds

Foxhole Armament is proud to have Derik Sherlund as our Resident Gunsmith. Derik is an Iowa native with a passion for firearms the likes we’ve never seen.

After living between Iowa and Arizona as a youth, Derik proudly served our Country as an Infantryman for 15 years. Derik toured Afghanistan and Iraq on multiple tours between 1999 and 2014. Derik was medically discharged in 2014 and returned to civilian life chasing his passion of Gunsmithing.

Derik earned his Associates of Science in Firearms Technology degree program through Sonoran Desert Institute. While attending the Institute Derik studied under a Master Gunsmith, formerly of S&R Gunsmithing, for hands-on training.

After graduating from the Institute Derik then started his own business, SherFire Gunsmithing. Derik then joined forces with Foxhole Armament in 2020 as our Gunsmith.

Derik continues his education in machining and has more recently taken one-on-one classes under esteemed Master Gunsmith, Gordy Gritters, of Gordy’s Precision. 

There is no Gunsmithing service Derik cannot provide. Foxhole Armament has a state-of-the-art Gunsmithing and Manufacturing facility in Harlan, Iowa. Derik operates the facility full-time, and continues to grow both standard and custom Gunsmithing programs with pride, professionalism, and the efficiency you’d expect from a Master Gunsmith.

Totals calculated: (Service Price) + (Amount of Labor Hours (non-taxable)) + (Parts (if any)) = TOTAL


Non-Machine Labor Hour  $65.00
Machine Labor Hour  $95.00
Speciality Work (per hour)  $95.00
Written Appraisals  $50.00


Consists of completely stripping the firearm, cleaning all parts, checking for wear, making suggestions of services needed to place in A-1 condition.
 $75.00per hour *Does not include special promos 


Bead, Sandblast, Wire Brush Stainless Steel $75.00TO $160.00
Engine-turning Bolt $75.00TO


Engine-turning Small Parts HOURLY RATE (Machine) 
Draw-filing HOURLY RATE (Non-Machine) 
Cut, Crown, & Thread Barrel $75.00TO $175.00


Bore Sight Firearm (FLAT RATE) 
 Firearm and Sight purchased w/ us FREE 
 Firearm purchase w/ us $30.00
 Sight purchased w/ us $40.00
 Firearm or Sight NOT w/ us $50.00
Drill and Tap Barrel or Receiver for Sights (per hole) $35.00
Cut Dovetail in Barrel $80.00
Install Dovetail Sight $50.00
Install Front Sight Ramp 
 Sweat-On $75.00
 Screw-On (Drill & Tap seperate) $70.00
 Band HOURLY RATE (Non-machine)
Install Insert in Pistol Sight $50.00
Install Rib Shotgun Bead (bead price not included) $50.00
 Plug hole & re-drill for bead $65.00
Install Receiver Sights $45.00
Scope Mounting $40.00


Check Headspace $35.00  
Make Chamber Cast $70.00  
Remove Stuck Fired Case from Chamber $50.00  
Remove Live Round from Chamber $65.00TO $150.00
Remove Obstruction from Bore HOURLY RATE (Non-machine) 
Remove Fouling from Barrel HOURLY RATE (Non-machine) (Plus materials) 
Lap Barrel $50.00TO $130.00
Cut & Crown Barrel (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol) HOURLY RATE (Machine) 
Chamber and Fit Barrel to Action $200.00TO $350.00
 (Does not include cost of parts and other services)  
Install Pre-Threaded and Chambered Barrel $125.00TO $200.00
 (Does not include cost of parts and other services)  
Lap-in Bolt Lugs $50.00TO $75.00
 (Does not include setting back or fitting new barrel)  
Welding New Bolt Handle $100.00TO $200.00
Make and Install Spring HOURLY RATE (Speciality) 
Install Safety   
 Dakota, Gentry, Mod 70 w/ shroud $150.00TO $175.00
 Mark II / Beuhler type $50.00TO $100.00
 Chapmann Swing Safety type $55.00TO $135.00
Trigger (Install or Adjustment)   
 Shilen, Timney, D-T, Moyer type $45.00TO $90.00
 Double-Set $100.00TO  $250.00
 Single-Set $50.00TO $140.00
Install and Time Muzzle Break (pre-threaded barrel) $40.00  
Recontour Front and Rear Receiver Ring $50.00TO $140.00
Install Barrel Band Swivel HOURLY RATE (Non-Machine) 


Wood Finishing (Does not include any shaping)   
 Hunter Finish $150.00TO $240.00
  (Unfilled oil or lacquer finish on average stock) 
 Gunsmith Finish $200.00TO $360.00
  (Filled, rubbed oil finish on average stock) 
 Spray Finish $120.00TO $200.00
  (Lacquer or polyurethane)  
Bedding Barrel & Action   
 Hunting Rifle $85.00TO $150.00
 Match Rifle $150.00TO $265.00
 Pillar Bed $160.00TO $265.00
Install Recoil Pad $40.00TO $95.00
Install Adjustable Buttplate $80.00TO $150.00
Install Sling Swivels $35.00TO $60.00
Install Stock Cross Bolt $ 40.00TO $80.00
Install Recoil Reducer   
 Simple Install in Buttstock $25.00TO $50.00
 Hydraulic Buttplate Style $150.00TO $210.00
 Drill and Install Reducer $50.00TO $95.00
Inletting & Finishing of Semi-finished Stock $200.00TO $650.00
 (Not including checkering, recoil-pad, special butt plate, grip cap or other attachments)
Fit, Bed & Finish Fiberglass Stock Blank $175.00TO $350.00
Prefinished Synthetic Stock   
 Fit & Install Barreled Action $65.00TO $110.00
 Install Adjustable Comb Hardware $125.00TO $240.00


Maintenance Cleaning $65.00TO $85.00
 (Complete disassembly, clean, safety check, oil and reassemble) 
Maintenance Rebuild $120.00TO $150.00
 (New spring & new gas rings added to the Maintenance Cleaning) 
Install Aftermarket Trigger $40.00TO $80.00
Install Aftermarket Forend / Free-float system $45.00TO $140.00
Assemble Complete Upper Receiver $45.00TO $85.00
Assemble Complete Lower Receiver $45.00TO $85.00
Assemble Complete Rifle $100.00TO $150.00
Install Muzzle Device on Pre-threaded Barrel $30.00  
Open Gas Ports for Functioning $70.00  
Install or Replace Gas Block $60.00  
Install or Replace Barrel $70.00  
Install or Replace Buttstock & Buffer Tube $35.00  


Chamfer Revolver Barrel $40.00  
Chamfer Revolver Cylinder $60.00  
Revolver Action Job $75.00TO $160.00
 (Clean & Smooth Action (Does not include replacement parts)) 
Rebarrel Revolver $60.00TO $160.00
 (Remove old barrel, replace w/ new factory barrel)  
Straighten Crane on Revolver $35.00TO $80.00
Install Crane Lock $40.00  
Remove/Modify Revolver Hammer Spur $40.00TO $80.00
Semi-Auto Pistol Action Job $120.00TO $220.00
 (Clean & Smooth Action (Does not include replacement parts)) 
Fit New Trigger $45.00TO $80.00
Cut Slide for Bo-Mar (w/o sight)   
 Plain Cut $120.00TO $160.00
 w/ Side Shields $130.00TO $200.00
Cut Slide for Dovetail Front Sight $50.00TO $95.00
Cut Slide for Novak Rear $115.00TO $150.00
Install Stake-on Front Sight $35.00TO $60.00
Install Fiber Optic Front Sight (existing dovetail) $25.00TO $45.00
Install Rear Sight (existing dovetail) $30.00TO $45.00
Install RMR on Slide   
 w/o Moving Rear Sight $150.00TO $200.00
 Move Rear Sight Forward of RMR $200.00TO $250.00
Flatten Slide Top & Serrate $75.00TO $150.00
Dehorn & Break Edges for Carry $50.00TO $75.00
Full Melt Down Beveling $80.00TO $150.00
Install Auto Pistol Compensator $90.00TO $350.00


Resolder Rib HOURLY RATE (Non-machine)
Resolder Foreend Lug HOURLY RATE (Non-machine)
Remove Stuck Choke HOURLY RATE (Non-machine)


Pull Ball $35.00
Remove Broken Ramrod $60.00
Stuck Breech Plug $90.00


To schedule an appointment with Derik please use the form below.
Appointments are avaiable in 15 minutes blocks.

Custom Gun Builds
Custom Gun Builds
Custom Gun Builds
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Firearm Restoration
Firearm Restoration
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