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Foxhole Armament is Now Hiring!

Foxhole Armament is now now hiring for the following position - Inventory Control Manager

To be considered for the position please review the following job requirements and submit the form below. To print a copy of the position information click here.


Inventory Control Manager

Personality Traits Required for Position:

  1. High attention to detail
  2. Analytical
  3. Process-oriented
  4. Technologically proficient
  5. Ability to flex outside of comfort zone
  6. Communication and client service

Prior Experience Requirements:

  1. Warehouse management.
  2. Understanding of sales orders, purchase orders, inventory forecasting, and inventory control.
  3. Logistical and/or supply chain management.
  4. Shipping, receiving, and coordination associated.
  5. Moderate knowledge of firearms, ammunition, and optics .

Location / Travel Requirements:

  1. This position is not a remote position. Will need to be present at our store daily. 8:00am - 5:30pm. Monday- Friday. Every other weekend.
  2. Preferred local to Harlan, Iowa.
  3. May occasionally need to facilitate pickup of shipments from local Omaha UPS or freight carriers, although this would be rare.


  1. Overall Inventory Management
    1. Receiving Products from vendors and forecasting inventory
      1. Understand the vendor purchase process
      2. Order and receive products into inventory
      3. Understanding of existing product flow, needs, and constraints
    2. Shipping orders
      1. Physically processing shipments through our website and online vendors
        1. Multiple external sales channels
    3. Drop Shipping
      1. Many smaller dealers order through Foxhole Armament
      2. Will need to coordinate, facilitate, and ensure proper sales orders and purchase orders are accurate and maintain inventory flow.
    4. Inventory Control
      1. Both in store and online
    5. Reporting
      1. Must be able to read, build, and maintain reports on demand
    6. Ad Hoc
      1. As needed per the needs of company or from guidance by James, Connor or other managers

Technology Platforms:

  1. Internal ERP/CRM Inventory Control System
    1. Learn and understand inventory management system
    2. Learn and understand how to add and edit products
    3. Learn and understand how to adjust inventory
  2. Website
    1. Double check, update, credit, etc. orders coming from website
    2. Verify and/or adjust inventory on website
  3. ShipStation
    1. Must know and understand how to use ShipStation efficiently
  4. Federal ATF and State record program compliance
    1. Will need a working knowledge of state by state restrictions on certain firearms and ammunitions.
      1. Our programs have fail-stops in place, but still need to be conscious of certain items
      2. FFL/FOID
        1. Must know and understand how to collect and attach FFL/FOID documents to customer records
    2. Will need a working knowledge of ITAR regulations

Reporting Structure:

  1. This position will report directly to the Director of Technology & Digital Infrastructure.
  2. There will be no management of employees under this position at this time but may change with the needs of the company.

Growth Opportunities:

  1. Foxhole is in growth mode. There will be significant opportunity for advancement for the right candidate.

Employment Application

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